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Welcome to the Peaceful Abolitionist website. I am a vegan educator, working nonviolently to abolish the property status of nonhuman animals, and have them recognised as the persons they are, rather than "things" for us to use. Along with many others, I am working towards positive, peaceful change in the world.

What is Veganism?
Veganism is a rejection of violence towards other animals. This means we don't eat them or products that come from them, don't wear their skin, don't buy products that have been tested on them, and don't go to places that use them for entertainment such as zoos, rodeos and marine parks. It's a recognition that other animals are not "things" for us to use, but individuals who value their lives just as much as we value ours. We shouldn't participate in intentional and avoidable harm towards them, when we have no good reason to. It's not necessary for our health or any other reason, and it's easy and wonderful to be vegan!

This website is designed to be a vegan resource guide for you.

Whether you want to know more about Why vegan, How to go vegan, you're looking for Recipes, or need help Shopping for Vegan Products, you can find all that information here.

If you're already vegan, why not educate others about veganism? It's the next best thing you can do to help animals right now. You can learn more, as well as download free vegan literature to hand out, in the Vegan Advocacy section.